Friday, October 29, 2010

Just Starting out

So today I decided to start a blog - mostly to help me keep me mentally sane... you know, so I can look back and try not to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over ... you get the idea.  Anyway.  I've actually been "officially" divorced now for about 4 months.. although we were separated for 8 months prior to that... so I really feel like its been a year.  I'm through (or think I am) all the stress of the divorce so I'm ready to pick up and move on with my life. 

I suppose I should fill in some gaps on the off chance someone other than me actually looks at this.  I'm 47 years old, was married for 14 years (first and only marriage) and have 2 wonderful kids as a result of that marriage - so hey, I'm never going to say I wish it never happened.  I have full custody of the kids and the have just recently started to actually see their dad every other weekend - which was the real catalyst for me thinking I'm ready to start moving forward... I actually have 4 days a month to take a breath.  I have a full time management job so I work 40-45 hours a week.  Work can be demanding and challenging - but I love it.

I've been through a year of therapy (found a really great therapist.. and there aren't enough good ones out there) and, although I know I'll never be perfect, I am getting to be pretty comfortable in my own skin.  I think I'm ready to start seeing what life has in store for me.. I'm not looking to get remarried - in fact I doubt I'll ever do that - but I have to admit, I want to have someone in my life (someone for me... not me for them like my ex and my kids... and that's the way it is suppose to be with the kids and one of the main problems with the ex).  So here goes... I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to see what opportunities lie ahead of me.  My first step - and - yeah I know... sounds kinda desperate.  But the way I figure it (or the way I'm looking at it) is I have no real desire to go 'bar hoppin' to find someone and almost everyone here at work is married, and I don't have a lot of time to go looking else where... I figured - why not.  So... stay tuned and I'll let you know if its worth it... oh and btw - if you ever think of doing it - go on-line and google for coupons - I was able to do 3 months each at about 1/2 what they normally charge.